VIBRO-Systems, a company with a vision of the future

The company aim is to produce an exercise bike that is, by design, focused on establishing a safe training environment void of any risk of injuries as well as enable professional athletes to achieve goals faster, including goals that are not capable of being obtained without additional muscle stimulation via our patented vibration system.

Benefits of the Vibr(O)ne Bike

  • Better and proven result in 15 minutes
  • Cycling specific Power development
  • Burn the same amount calories as running
  • Quick removal of waste products
  • Slower build-up of lactic acid
  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Spectacular reduction on adipose visceral fat
  • Intense work-out, but through reflex-sive muscle support you can cope with it
  • Active involvement of hamstrings & gluteus muscles, not a “normal” stationary bike
  • Reduced stress on knees and hips through “Impact absorbing technology”
  • Cardio & strength exercise at the same time
  • Both red and white muscle fiber activation
  • Ideal warm up for every sport
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Safe and effective for rehabilitation purposes

Key Features of the Vibr(O)ne Bike

LARS (Lactic Acid Reduction System)

Lactic acid build up, increasing endurance training and increases explosive muscular power by stimulating muscles, causing anabolic changes.

Energy Efficient, Low-Impact AND Safe

Vibration of the bike reduces training time and prevents the possibility of injury or premature fatigue.

Off-road simulation via vibration feedback

Ideal for cyclists looking to replicate rocky and bumpy terrain training in-doors.

Quality Structure built to support you

The frame is strengthened to minimise swaying movement with the bike allowing for users up to 150 kg in weight.

Motivating you Through positive Results

If exercise required less time and effort to get the same results, you may be more motivated to do it.

Prevents Possible Injury by reducing strain on you

With our bike’s vibration training you don’t add any heavy stress to your body, the vibrations works safely on your neuromuscular system.